2017 – Learning is our superpower!

Viorela Marcu

New year, same vision: Empowering HR people to share knowledge and innovate with the purpose of creating the next generation HR.

That’s why we made it a tradition to gather our community at the end of each year to share our HR achievements, to create our learning wish-list for the next year and, of course, to enjoy a christmassy evening with the coolest HR aficionados.

Last December was no exception and so, at the end of an awesome event, we found ourselves with four flip-chart papers full of learning goals and event themes for 2017.

It was really difficult to choose just 15 out of them, but here they are:

Future of Work: AI vs Human

Business Simulation (powered by Interact)

Holacracy and the Search of the Agile Organization (part 2)

Marketing and HR: Get the best out of both worlds

Labour Code for Dummies

New Age Employee Experience: Employee Engagement

Career Path Design

Understanding the power of numbers in HR: C&B Strategies

New Age Employee Experience: Retention

Assessment Centers: How, When and Why

Understanding the power of numbers in HR: Metrics & Reporting

New Age Performance Management

The hidden force of Space design

How to deal with Diversity – Strategies, Metrics and Perspectives

End of the Year Christmassy Event

Keep in touch! We’re gonna have an interesting year! 🙂

Learn on!

HR Hub Core Team